Artist that deserves your pocket change and clean underwear: Sivyj Yar

The underground metal scene is something everyone needs to venture into at some point if you love GRIMY, DISGUSTING, BEAUTIFUL, LYRICAL, and GRAND metal music or even just “music” in general. It is a wide open field that still manages to be crowded with a bunch of guys in corpse paint and make up with a weird circle near the northwest of the field reserved for the hipster post metal folks. About a few hundred feet to the left of the dead center of the field, but not too far as to find all the dudes into noise and droney doom, you’ll find the football helmeted thrash metalers, then to the right, forming a crescent moon shape around the center in the southeast, all the zombified black metal enthusiasts throw pig heads at each other and there are many more communities polka dotted around the field. Although it is looked down upon some, wishing for pure blood, a beautiful thing about this community is that they all incestuously romance one another and create the best combinations of each member (or “all” members as these folks enjoy orgies quite a bit) all while the NSBM broskies curmudgeonly look from the outside of the field as they reaffirm their shitty opinions about the world among one another.

My point is is that the underground metal scene has a distinct flavor to it and one that I’m fascinated by. So many artists that hide in the shadows, with no want for attention. So many beautiful landscapes of sound and so many disgusting and murky horrorshows that some metalheads will never notice or feel. There is a lot of creativity and one band(one guy really) really stands out to me for whatever reason is Sivjy Yar.

Now, as far as I know, he is not NSBM or anything. From what I can gather, his lyrics are based more on pagan poems and personal struggles. But if it turns out that he is NSBM, let me know, I just don’t wanna support that sort of ideology is all.

Sivyj Yar is a Russian one man band by a guy named Vladimir. And his music is a nice mixture of black metal with some post rock elements, which isn’t an unfamiliar formula, but the energy this guy plays with is ridiculous. My favorite album of his is From the Dead Villages’ Darkness which is an immensely moving and cold record that just makes you put your head down by the end of it.

It is cold, dark, depressing; but still manages to sound triumphant in the most negative way you can think. It’s the music of the catharsis of a person accepting their fate, whatever it may be all while in beautiful agony. Vladimir has these shrill and yelping vocals that sound like someone is cutting off his arm and the drums… oh the drums. They’re so damn energetic and organic. You just feel the impact in every smash to the cymbals and snare. The bass is full of treble and even seems to be providing to the melodies in the tracks. This music just sounds like someone having a breakdown.

It’s interesting because the formula that is being used is not especially unique but it still feels so newborn and fresh. If you enjoy post-metal, black metal or blackened death metal, just give this one a listen. It made me shit my pants a bit.

Go onto his Bandcamp and send him money, car keys, expensive vases, goats to sacrifice, whistles or mostly clean underwear. This guy deserves what you can give him.

Check out if you want to get into the underground metal scene as that guy goes over some of the most obscure music I’ve ever found. As well as Caligari Records on Bandcamp, they hold some impressively disgusting and ambitious music.


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